Walking Seed Support and Facilitation - Individual, relationship, and group support
For nearly 15 years, Ryan has been a mentor, friend, and inspiration in my own path. I have gotten to collaborate, co-live, co-train, co-facilitate with Ryan, as well as support, and be supported by Ryan through life’s various ups and downs. Ryan brings a deep and warm understanding of what it is like to be human to his relationships, conversations, and work. He accompanies one with the analytical clarity of a physicist, the patient gentleness of a dedicated caregiver, and the self-awareness of one who lives in intentional community.
– Tarek Maassarani, RestorativeDC, DC Peace Team, US Institute of Peace

This website shares some resources and services I offer on interpersonal facilitation, emotional support, listening, relationship support, and working with groups.
I work as a grassroots, peer facilitator. I offer these resources and services through the gift economy in hopes of supporting us all in creating a kinder, wiser world together.
All ideas and tools shared herein are free to use and share for non-commercial purposes. No one owns ideas. (But also nothing here is fully right; take care about not letting ideas own us either.)